Mobile homes

Mobilehome at Balcon de Pitres

Mobile home at Balcón de Pitres

If you still do not have a mobile-home we can arrange the sale of one. We work with producers of top quality mobile-homes and wood cabins.

Alucasa, in its eagerness to please all the public, adapts to the needs and desires of everybody. So we can assure that whatever lifestyle you have chosen, we have a Alucasa for you. In order to obtain it, Alucasa has created two ranges, Super class and Future Desing.

The two ranges of Alucasa are distinguished by their great equipment , quality and innovating design of their furniture. All the details that you can imagine are in Alucasa a reality.

The construction and the qualities of the Movil Casa are the same as in Residenciales Móviles, always put under strict quality controls. Bright colors and spacious and light interior living space, are shaping the essential for a pleasure holiday with the family.


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